Monday, December 10, 2012

Never Say No To Panda Cheese

Never ever say NO to Panda!  Hahah...probably one of the greatest commercials out there.  This thing is fantastic.  If you're the kind of person who loves very subtle humor, this is it right here.  This particular series of commercials was produced in Egypt by Advance Marketing for Arab Dairy, the manufacturers of Panda Cheese.  The commercial features a giant panda who torments people for wanting to try the deliciousness that is Panda Cheese.  The video below is a compilation of all the Panda commercials and certainly features enough amusement for an entire day!  Personally, I would have to say my favorite bit is when the hospital patient turns down the Panda Cheese and the camera slowly pans to the Panda disconnecting the IV.  Love it.  What about you?  What was your favorite bit?


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