Friday, February 10, 2012

See what happens when John Stamos comes between a woman and her Oikos.

This could be my favorite commercial from this years Super Bowl.  In the midst of all the other ones, this commercial stuck out primarily because it had such a hidden flare to it.  A commercial starring John Stamos for Oikos Greek Yoghurt (Stamos and Oikos? I like the similarity) and a possible lover, find themselves playfully fighting over a cup of Oikos.  The woman eventually gets sick and tired of Stamos, and delivers the headbutt of ALL headbutts and knocks Stamos to the ground.

What I loved about this was that it was just so unexpected.  It actually reminded me of something Doritos would have have done.  They are usually the ones behind this sort of stuff, so it was interesting seeing another company try take a stab at it.  

What did you think?  Did you like it?  What was your favorite?

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