Monday, January 16, 2012

STA Travel Australia "Move"

This commercial for STA Travel, titled "MOVE", is part of a campaign called "I Want To Know."  At first glance, it resembled the Levi's commercial where the guy walked across America.  Sort of the same concept, but STA travel tweaked it a bit.  

STA travel came out with three headings titled 'Move', 'Eat', 'Learn', and took footage from a 6 week trip and condensed to 1 minute.  The one I have for you today (my personal favorite) is for the heading 'Move'.  Everything seems to work in unison, and I really enjoyed how it was put together with the music.

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  6. You've got to love Australia. This country offers tourists and travelers more than what meets the eye. I hope corporate travel services offer tours to this continent.

  7. I think I'll do a similar video using footage from our European river cruises. We are going to have such a great time!