Thursday, December 15, 2011

For gifts you can't wait to give

What more than a little Christmas cheer to start your Thursday?  John Lewis, a department store in the UK, came out with this £5m pound ad that has households across the UK grabbing for their tissues.  As the ad plays out, you slowly begin to feel a rush of childhood memories.  I for one, remember waiting in anticipation for the moment I could open the first day of the advent calendar and eat the chocolate that's been patiently waiting but only to find out that I have another 23 days of chocolate goodness to get through.  As we track the very patient young boy, his excitement is almost too much to handle, and he tries to find ways to make the time go faster.  After what seems like an eternity, Christmas Day is finally here, and what else does a kid want to do on Christmas Day?  Open presents, that's right!  Wrong.  We seemed destined to believe that the young boy was genuinely interested in opening his presents, until we see the boy deliver a very important message.  It's better to give, than to receive.  Truly, a heartfelt message, and a well delivered ad.  What are some of your early childhood Christmas memories? 

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