Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nokia's Lumia translates as 'prostitute' in Spanish

Yikes.  Talk about a major blunder.  I was reading through the Finnish paper Ilta Sanomat, and could not believe me eyes when I read that Nokia's newest phone "Lumia" translates as 'prostitute' in Spanish.  Europe is obviously one of Nokia's bigger markets, and I would bet that Nokia phones are more apparent in Spain as they are here in the US.  Having said that, you would think that somewhere in the development of this phone, someone would see if Lumia ACTUALLY meant anything.  I mean, I could do a quick Google search for you and find that information in just a few seconds.  This is almost a blessing in disguise of sorts.  Nokia, who clearly is losing market share in the smartphone market needs every bit of publicity to get people talking about their phone.  Yes, people are mentioning Nokia and Lumia all of over the web, but is it for the right reasons?  Personally, I doubt it will have any effect on sales, but being from Finland, and seeing Nokia's decline over the last few years, I had hoped that they would put a little more thought into their research.  Either way, the phone has had great reviews so far, but nothing will take away from what the true meaning of Lumia actually is.

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