Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heineken and "The Date"

Sorry about the rather odd screenshot, but I thought it was rather attention grabbing if I say so myself.  Heineken has been on a roll with these new campaigns that feature the alpha male of a party, taking control and showing everyone how it's done.  According to Marketing Daily, the commercial below will make its TV debut during Sunday Night Football on NBC on Sept. 18th.  The good thing is, I have it for you today!  Now, when you're huddled by the TV come next Sunday, you'll say, "I saw it on The WIM first!"  At least I hope you do.  

According to Lesya Lysyj, the CMO for Heineken USA, the campaign looks to target males aged 21 to 34.  Their goal was to showcase how to act in situations "where we know our enthusiasts want to demonstrate their confidence, resourcefulness and ability to navigate any social situation -- such as when making an entrance at a party or going on a date," she says. "This feeling of worldliness and assurance resonates with our target consumers around the globe, and we feel the cinema provides a unique and superior medium through which to tell our story to a captive audience."

A very clever commercial, and extremely well done.  I'm looking forward to seeing more work like this in the future!

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  1. Who was the band playing in the video

  2. Thanks for your comment!  I believe the song is: Mohammed Rafi : Jaan Pehechaan Ho

  3. Mohammed Rafi has already died... So that's not him in the commercial. Would love to know who that band is though. they look like the Crazy 88's.

  4. it's the original rafi song, pantomimed by another band. heineken has a facebook ad campaign where the same band/group of actors sings a serenade to whomever the user chooses to send it to.