Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zappos gets naked for new campaign

Talk about an interesting way to get some attention!  Typically, when someone in the retail business tries to advertise their product, they usually make sure their models are actually wearing their clothing.  Well...Zappos decided to do something a little different.

It's actually quite a genius idea.  As I'm sure you're already aware, Zappos deals primarily with shoes.  That's what I've always thought and never once considered they might actually sell more than just that.  Zappos thought it might be a good idea to advertise their business by stripping to their bare essentials (literally!!).

As you can tell from the print campaign, you have naked models taking up most of the space, and simply just wearing shoes.  Unfortunately, Zappos decided it might be in their best interest to cover up these women with some cleverly thought out wording.  

The slogan "MORE than SHOES"  makes up for the lack of clothes, but also points out that Zappos doesn't simply just sell shoes.  I thought this was very well done, and certainly caught my eye.  Great job!

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