Friday, June 3, 2011

An open letter to Mr. Howard Schultz.

Dear Mr. Schultz,

Let me begin by saying that it would be amazing if one day you actually came across this post.  I see your book each morning at Starbucks, and each time I remind myself that I need to download it to my Kindle.  Now, this post isn't going to bash Starbucks, or say another companies coffee is better than yours, but rather I wanted to talk to you about your product, and something that I believe would make it that much better.

I'm quite surprised that someone like yourself, who created this coffee empire, cares so little about the actual coffee consumer.  Yes, yes...I know you model your stores around the idea of the ultimate coffee experience, but let's take a closer look here.  

Most if not all Starbucks locations I have visited in the U.S. serve your coffee in the "to go" cup, and not in an actual coffee mug.  Having said that, this brings me to my next point.  With so much coffee being poured into these "to go" cups, I would only think you would try make this point of the experience much more enjoyable for people who are actually GOING somewhere with their cups.

Alas, the main point you have been waiting for.  After several scalding experiences with your very own Starbucks Bold, I'm sick of having your hot coffee burning my hand and ruining my car.  Now, I'm sure your thinking "why doesn't he just take that green stick thing and put it into the cup"?  Well Mr. Schulz, that's one extra step all of us aren't just willing to take.  Not only do we need to grab that green stick thing, but each time we want to have a sip of your coffee we need to take it out hold onto it.  Simply useless.    The simple idea of the "to go" cup is that you should be able to easily take your cup and drink it on the go.  Unfortunately, the Starbucks cup was designed with little thought.  You know exactly what happens too.  Say you're rushing to work with Starbucks in your hand, and someone bumps into you or  you accidentally trip on something, I would bet that your coffee lid is not only covered in coffee but you had most of that coffee spill all over your hands, and if you're lucky your clothes.

For someone who could create a coffee empire, one would think that YOU could create a simple lid like that of Dunkin Donuts.  You know exactly what it is too, the lid that has its very own coffee stopper attached to it.  I apologize for the lack of terminology here but I'm sure you know what it is.  This can't be that terribly inconvenient to make.  Take a step back from opening more locations, and think about making the coffee drinking experience much better for the people you should be caring about most, the coffee drinker.

I've waited patiently for you to come out with something like this, but all I got was a stupid green stick. 

Let's take this summer and think about what Starbucks can do to stop coffee drinkers worldwide from being burned by your very beloved coffee. 

I hope you take what I wrote into consideration.  If not, the world will have to just go another day with green sticks.


Kenneth Westling

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