Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sexual shenanigans only available on the Wii

Talk about a game that's surely going to lead to a lot of trouble (and good times, I'm sure).  The game titled, We Dare, is being launched in the U.K. and is compiled of a variety of sexually oriented games.  As you will soon see, one of the games involves dangling the Wii remote and having the girl and guy try take small bites of an imaginary pair this with a few drinks, and I'm sure they won't be "accidentally" kissing each other either.  Now, the game gets a little dirtier when you have to place the controller into the back of your pants, and get spanked!  The spot really adds to the appeal with the short skirts they have these ladies wearing.  Naturally, it ends with a parental code box blocking out what  

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  1. Ok, WTF happened? "Enter Parental Code"??? This was just getting interesting.