Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape

Talk about a social media explosion!  Jennifer Aniston, featured in this clever spot for Smart Water has done something quite special here.  Rather than copying an idea someone already did, they thought it would be a clever idea to take every idea that made a viral hit successful and create a spoof of all those ideas combined.  As you will soon see, you have the little kid who sings songs on YouTube (who was recently featured in David Guetta's video), the Cottonelle puppies, the skateboarding dog, the Evian dancing babies, the all so memorable double rainbow guy, the L'Oreal sexy hair turn, and last but not least the classic kick in the crotch.  Oh and I almost forgot, it's also Jennifer Aniston's sex tape...well not quite.  All these combined into one powerful video should ultimately create one all mighty viral video.  It certainly didn't take long either, the video went viral instantly.  The one thing that would have made it even more special was if they somehow played in a little Old Spice and had her singing sweet sha-la-la-las as Aniston swan dived into a pool of SmartWater.

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  1. 2:05-2:19 was worth at least 5 hits from me

  2. Thanks for the comment Jrcara. Love this commercial as well. Very well done.