Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parasailing ad donkey dies of heart attack

This could be the craziest thing I have ever seen.  Please let me introduce to you the parasailing donkey.  A group of Russian businessmen thought it would be a clever idea to promote parasailing through the use of a donkey.  As you can see from the video below, it's pretty clear that the donkey would much rather stay on the ground than be hoisted up into the air.  It's actually a little uncomfortable to watch, and I can't even believe something like this went down.  I really hope the people behind this stunt got some form of punishment.  Now...the title does say the donkey died of a heart attack, but it actually happened a year later.  I can't help but think that this little incident had something to do with it, as I'm sure it was a pretty stressful situation to go through.  Come on PETA, where are you now?

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