Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Spice is baaaack

He's baaaaaack.  Isaiah Mustafa is back in what could be another campaign from Old Spice starring our favorite Old Spice character.  Seen in his regular Old Spice pose and situated in no other place other than the shower, Mr. Mustafa seems to have returned because he forgot his just kidding.  He's probably back because Old Spice had such huge success with this campaign and wants to try duplicate that success. much as I enjoy the Old Spice skits, does bringing Isaiah Mustafa back for another round of Old Spice commercials just drown out the original message and will they ever be as good as the originals?  To be fairly honest, Old Spice should have quit while they were ahead and left us all with a lasting memory of one of the greatest ad campaigns of 2010.  Regardless, let's see what happens but like I said about T-Mobile it might be overkill....or what do you think?  Thoughts please.

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