Monday, February 7, 2011

Doritos: My vote for most awkward commercial of the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl behind us, I wanted to take this week as an opportunity to highlight some of my favorites andddd some that I thought didn't quite make the cut.  To kick start your Monday, I'm officially casting my vote for most awkward commercial of 2011 for Doritos.  

Doritos always goes for the outrageous, and that alone has its risks.  It's either going to be very funny or like we have here very stupid.  Having said that, what you'll soon see if you haven't already is this office employee licking the fingers of one of his unlucky co-workers and not just that, taking the pants off some other guy and smelling the Doritos crumbs on his pants.  I can't help but turn away when I see this, it's disgusting.  I understand you're going for something a little whacky but come on now, this is just gross.  What do you think?  I'm sure there are many more who agree, what do you think!


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