Monday, January 24, 2011

TiCk, ToCk TiCk, ToCk TiCk, ToCk TiCk, ToCk

...clocks ticking...and you know why?  The iPhone is soon to make its long awaited debut for Verizon come February 10th...or if your like me available to pre-order: February 3rd.  Either way I can't wait to get rid of my BlackBerry Storm!  In my life I have yet to come across a more terrible phone than the Storm.  Everything about is just pure crap and to complain about it would take more than a blog post.  I hope Verizon and BlackBerry team up together and hand in hand dismantle every Storm that was ever made and bury it deep into the ground so that it will never be seen again! 

 Now...what I have to start your week off is Verizon's first official commercial for the iPhone.  Certainly the clocks just add to the excitement and it makes current subscribers who are waiting to switch that much more antsy.  Just bring it already!!!

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