Friday, January 7, 2011

Standing shoulder to shoulder all 7 billion of us would fill the city of Los Angeles

Finally I'M BACK!  I haven't posted since I left for vacation, but I figured I should get back into it.  First off, Happy New Year!  I can't believe it is 2011!  How has the beginning of the year treated you so far?  I'm currently still in London, but I'll be back in DC Sunday, and once I get back I hope to get back to posting on a regular basis.  Better yet, I wanted to get in a post before all of you head off to enjoy your weekend.  With that said, here is a post from the National Geographic.  If you didn't think we had enough people on Earth get a load of this!  Apparently the human population will reach 7 billion in 2011.  The spot below is from National Geographic, and it's looking to promote a seven-part, year long series on global population.  I have a few friends who work for National Geographic, so I'll have to see if they have any other info about it!  Anyways, pretty cool video, check it out!

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