Monday, January 3, 2011

Conan, A Master of the Meticulous

Welcome back everyone! I wish you all great success this year to come and hope you achieve most if not all of your resolutions!! 2011 will be a great year for theWIM and we expect to improve the level of content we offer you guys!

So with that said, I'll bring around the first spot of the new year! It involves the branding geniuses over at the Conan Show in collaboration with American Express. Last year we posted a video that highlighted Conan's extreme attention to the detail in his show's draperies and the video below further solidifies his need for perfectionism in all of the elements that bring his show to life. Check it out below!!

As you can see, Conan takes great care in selecting the scene accessories that make him a legend with great care and AMEX helps him achieve this.

With the recession finally starting to clean up and the travel flow outside of the U.S. border regaining its strength - AMEX chose a clever path that enriches customers with the knowledge of how things are made and the global travel opportunities available to their customers. Awesome work! Catch the "making-of" video down below.

'til next time!'

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