Friday, October 29, 2010

Follow Friday: Top 3!

Follow Friday: The WIM's Top 3

As promised, I wanted to continue what I started last week, and that was to do my own version of Follow Friday through a blog post.  This week, I have an agency top 3!

@glintadv is a marketing agency based in the Dallas Forth Worth area.  Whether online or off, they are all about cultivating and maintaining relationships.  They maintain this view through their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well, which makes communicating with them very easy!  Besides that, they tweet out a bunch of useful info, so I would definitely follow them!

@twincreekmedia is a strategic and creative marketing agency, passionate about B2B & B2C communications via Internet Marketing, Web Development, Video, Photo, and Print.  These guys are great to follow not only because of their useful tweets, but also they interact with their followers!

@Arnoldworldwide, surely you have heard of these guys.  I needed to include them in my Follow Friday, they did after all give me tickets to go see the Celtics play!  (thanks for those by the way).  The creatives at Arnold have produced some great work in the past, and their Twitter account is a great source for useful Tweets related to the industry.  My only critique would be that they are very selective on who they follow and who they interact with...then again I've been trying to get an interview with the DC office since March, so what can you expect!  Besides that, I would recommend you follow them anyways!

See you guys next week!  

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A dog in a Chevy. What else do you need?

Happy Friday to all! To start your weekend, here is a spot for Chevrolet from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.  The main attraction I had to the spot had to be the dogs, especially the lab above.  I used to have a black lab, and the dog above looks just like him besides the fact that the dog above is a chocolate lab haha.  Anyhow, there isn't anything all that special about the commercial itself but the old school feel it had made it worthy enough to post.  Oh and once again I really digged the music. What do you think?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts and stay tuned for next week!  Have a great weekend.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Professional baby, closed course. Do not attempt

Good morning!! I debated whether or not to post this but I gave in.  It's funny, it actually looks like a scene from Mario Kart.  Baby on a stroller, sky rocketing down the road!  All it needed was some red shells, or maybe a lightning bolt!  HP really hit the spot with this one.  I really like the music that runs in the background of this commercial, and whenever I hear it, I always have to tune in.  If you don't remember, I posted about HP a few months ago, and I featured a commercial called "The Printed Life" that had a catchy beat in the background, which really made it great.  This particular spot is looking to showcase HP's newest printing technology, HP ePrint.  With the ePrint, you can now send your documents, photos, and presentations straight to your HP printer from anywhere you want!  All you need is your mobile device and that's it!  Anyhow, leave me your comments and enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When OCD Strikes!!

Ikea hits home with this "neat-aficionados" or "OCD" inspired ad! The storyline plays off the basic premise any organizational neurotic feels when mayhem strikes their perfect system and IKEA comes to the rescue with their practical, convenient and über-organized closet system...

This video is quite funny, especially if you suffer from a little organizational neuroticism from time to time. BUT for all of you messy and spontaneous folk out there, this commercial will hit those nerves as you relive the frustration... Check it out below!

Props to IKEA for making something amusing out of a very commonplace situation which believe it or not, drives many people to make that purchase - the need to be organized and IKEA is the perfect calamine for that neurotic itch!

'til next time!'

Dragonfly Love

Good morning!!  I hope everyone is doing well today.  This morning I bring to you a commercial for the very hyped Nokia N8.  What's unique about this is that the entire video was shot with the N8!  The idea was to try showcase the phone's HD video capabilities, it has a 12 megapixel camera as well!  The video, titled Dragonfly Love, is a pretty bizarre piece of work that features two fisherman and two dragonfly's outfitted with the N8 as they battle it off.  Besides the techno sounds that come with the commercial, I find the whole thing kind of catchy.  I don't know what it is, but theres something about it that I like.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the techno beats.  I've also included a "Behind the Scenes" look at how this video was made, so that's definitely worth checking out!  As always, please remember to leave your comments!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Should I be who you want me to be?

Good morning!! This morning I bring to you a spot from Nike, looking to clean up Lebron's image.  Nike has clearly done this before, aka Tiger Woods, but this new spot shines the light on Lebron James, and to answer the age old question what should he have done.  If you haven't heard by now, Lebron left the Cavaliers for the Heat in one the most disrespectful ways ever.  After making his announcement on live TV that he planned to take his talents to "souf beach," most, if not all asked why Lebron? Seriously?  With that said, the video below tries to make you feel sorry for him in a way, but it still doesn't get away from the fact that he still punked Cleveland.  But to answer your question Lebron, yes, you should stop listening to your friends, or should I say "business executives" aka friends who enjoy making money off of you.  Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts, so remember to comment!  Enjoy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Follow Friday: Top 5!

Follow Friday: The WIM's Top 5

So I wanted to create something different, and showcase some of those people I follow on Twitter.  Typically on Twitter, Friday is used to suggest people to follow.  So, rather than doing it the traditional way, I wanted to create something different.  With that said, each week I hope to create something similar, it might not be a top 5, but I hope to have something.  Please use the comments section to suggest any others to follow.  In the meantime, check out this weeks Top 5!

I first started following Stephen when Jason Sadler (below) created a project called 1MillionShirts.  His tweets are always pretty entertaining, and as his bio says, he's a nonprofit media consultant, lover of people, and apparently likes rice.  With that said, you should follow @WStephenAnfield!

If you aren't following @iwearyourshirt yet, you are missing out!  Jason Sadler and Evan White have taken it upon themselves to transform t-shirt wearing to the next level! Originally founded by Jason, iwearyourshirt has been hugely successful, and by following him on Twitter, you have a chance of winning all kinds of different prizes for whatever company he is talking about on that specific day.

@3BLMedia provides a series of useful tweets regarding corporate social responsibility, green technology, and cause marketing.  I found out about them when I was working together with my brother on Development Crossing.  Follow!

Ahh yes, @JoshuaFrankel is actually a good friend of mine, Thursday nights we play kickball, and the rest of the time I hear his very entertaining stories.  Lucky for you though, he is a pixel-pushing graphic design geek, and if you get to know him, he will provide you with some of the most entertaining content crawling the web. Most of the time he tweets some pretty cool info, so I highly recommend you follow him.

Last but not least, I wanted to send out a shout out to my friend @WileyWears.  She tweets about fashion, and has her own blog dedicated to all the different things she wears each day.  I've known her since my college days in Boston, so if fashion is your thing I would recommend following her!

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Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to phone?

Good morning!! At last, Friday!  Looking forward to some sunny days and golf this weekend.  I'm driving down to North Carolina for the weekend in hopes to try escape this cold weather I'm not quite ready for yet.  Anyways, remember those Old Spice commercials?  Well, Windows thought it would be clever to not only use Isaiah Mustafa, but also take the exact same routine he did for Old Spice (well pretty much).  Isaiah Mustafa is helping launch Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 in Australia, by performing the all to familiar scene he did for Old Spice but introducing himself as "The most talked about man on the Internet."  It actually reminds of the cupcake/orbit post APL posted a few days ago.  I really hate it when companies can't be creative enough to come up with their own original campaigns.  Lucky enough, most people already associate Isaiah Mustafa with Old Spice that when they do see him in this spot, the one brand that ends up sticking in your head  isn't Windows, but Old Spice.  Hope you guys have a great weekend!  Leave your comments and I'll catch up with everyone next week!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

How not to advertise for Turkish Airlines

Good morning!!  So it was certainly a bad day for everyone at Turkish Arlines when someone thought it would be a good idea to advertise their airline nosediving to the ground.  Clearly, there weren't many brain cells clicking when they decided to roll this out, but certainly not one of their finest moments.  Though, as you can see from the image below, Turkish Airlines seems to do this all the time...haha.

I'm going to give you second to look this over and figure out what's wrong...still don't know?  Well let's look this over, we have:

Airline Attendant: Check

Airplane: Check (Good start, so far)

Engines: Check (Phew)

Wings: Check

Rear Landing Gear: Check

Front Landing Gear: Ummmm...yeah...about that....

So for some reason or another they forgot to include the front landing gear.  Makes me wonder about how safe the airline is...

Anyways, thought I would share these images on how not to advertise your airline.  Leave your comments!

Turkish Airlines images via Upgrade: Travel Better

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Just Tweeeet It!

In continuance of the technology battles this week, I bring you a great parody video created by the Pantless Knights crew featuring a MJ iPad vs. iPhone dance-off spectacular. You won't want to skip this video parody on this fine Thursday morning! Check it out below...

The Pantless Knights everybody! Two thumbs up for creativity and ingenuity with their dance-off, especially for recreating the wardrobes and dance moves to be accessory appropriate. Gotta love viral hits like this!

I am sure it will gather up quite the viewer, twitter and embed count as the Apple fanatic world trembles after Apple's keynote address yesterday. I knew Jobs and Co. wouldn't disappoint!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

'til next time!'

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amazon a wild hope to avoid the iPad's glare

Welcome to humpday, a great day for us all and an even better day for Steve Jobs. Why? Certainly because the man recently announced his killer earning for this past quarter and leaves the stage sizzling for further market upheavel. However, the great folks over at Amazon intend to go down fighting and came up with a clever way to stick it to the giant.

The commercial involves two digital readers, laying out in the sun taking in the rays. One of those readers is having a hard time controlling the screen's glare while the other breezes through the paragraphs. Unfortunately for Jobs, the reader facing the glare jam is twirling his iPad like a baton.

When I first considered the iPad as a digital reader, the thought came to my head. What happens if...? A thought Amazon wasted no time in playing down in this commercial, which should surely wreck some havoc for iPad potentials. Check out the scenario below!

Fortunately, the great wizards over at Apple definitely know how to bury superficial flaws in new product launches and improvements, which is exactly what is going down this week. I don't have the full details yet, but will stay on top of the story to find out some juicy details.

In the meantime, also check out this super old school video for Job's first keynote, circa 1984!

'til next time!'

Slim Chin and D Rose

Good morning!!  This morning's spot features the very talented Derrick Rose and the annoying Asian guy from The Hangover, also known as Ken Jeong.  The spot looks to promote the new adiZero Rose and Beast signature shoes (also known as Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard).  It's not quite the traditional spot for a shoe because of all the random crap that's going on.  To be honest, I think the annoying antics of Ken are kind of off putting, and I could go without him in this.  Anyways, let me know what you thought!  In other news though, I can't wait for the NBA season to start!!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Men Become Toys

An interesting spot for you guys today! Surely one to cut the boy toys a break as it ventures into the emotional solitude a playmate experiences. That's right ladies.. us boys have feelings too!

I believe the ad has great scripting and directing, at least enough to get the point across in a light-hearted manner while being a little racy but definitely worth the watch. I don't know who the agency or director is behind this spot, only that it is a creation for JackJones clothing.

The ad feeds into the Axe "desirability" effect. Surely a bullseye strategy for any young adult oriented brand like Axe or JackJones. I personally enjoy the directing and voiceover that carries one through the ad... Check it out!

This might be one of my favorites in a while, it holds an indie creative charm that should work well with its target consumers. Let us know what you think!

'til next time!'

If you wouldn't take it on the ground, don't take it in the air

Good morning!!  My apologies for not posting yesterday but I'm happy to see APL contributing a funny spot from one of my favorite airlines, JetBlue.  On that note, this morning's post is going to be a continuation of that very post. 

 JetBlue have taken quite a clever approach to marketing themselves through random guerrilla marketing stunts through New York.  Yesterday's video showed a cab driver not giving anyone in the backseat leg room...obviously illustrating the fact that you get much more leg room on JetBlue than you do on other airlines.  Well...this video does something similar.  As you are probably aware of the outrageous costs these airlines are enforcing on us travelers, JetBlue took it upon themselves to recreate a similar situation travelers are often faced with.  

The situation you ask? No, not "The Situation" from Jersey Shore...but have you ever ordered a beverage on a flight?  Yes, I'm sure.  Well, in most cases you don't ever get the entire can, you only get a cup and then whatever is leftover gets used on the next person who asks for the same drink.  To make matters worse, if you want another one, they will probably charge you for it.  

Anyhow, JetBlue hit up the streets of New York and set up a concession stand that only served their drinks from a cup, obviously trying to tie back the experience to competing airlines.  Unfortunately, those who weren't in on the stunt probably weren't aware of it, and understandably got annoyed haha.  I found this piece incredibly clever, and this type of marketing should be encouraged among companies.  

I used to intern at this experiential marketing agency called RedPeg and their main idea was to create these types of experiences that allowed consumers to interact with your brand in some form.  Anyways, well done JetBlue.  The one thing I would love to have seen, so if you happen to be a JetBlue employee and reading this, I would have loved to have seen the reactions these people had once they found out about the stunt (assuming you did tell them it was a stunt of course haha).  Anyhow, that's enough about me, and it's time to share it with you.  Would love to hear your thoughts as always! Enjoy!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Avoid the Jam!

Good Monday to you all! It's nice to start the week off after my first ever roller coaster ride! I'm not sure why I never dared to before but huge props to the Six Flags crew for making it a memorable one!

With that said, I want to share this interesting tactic being adopted by people over at JetBlue. Not sure who the agency behind this spot is but they took a creative leap towards guerilla marketing which I hope is a love-it or hate-it type of tactic. Check it out below!

I personally feel there is a major disconnect that could have been brought to full circle had the concept been tied in somehow with post-experiment testimonials, some online action to carry forth the tag line... Maybe the back of that cab could have been digitalized so it shows the transition from the cramped backseat to the cozy cabin, happy fliers with lots of leg room.

What are your thoughts? Leave some controvery below!
'til next time!'

Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Sweet Controversy!

What's sweeter than a Friday morning? Why adland controversy, of course! Today it comes in the sweet shape of gum and cupcake onscreen mayhem. I'm not sure why I'm so riled up about this creativity dispute but why shouldn't it be taken with a stern brow and a hearty chuckle.

The players... Firstborn, the makers of Orbit gum commercials vs. the cupcake man himself, Johnny Cupcakes. Both solid contenders on the fun and creativity scale but after watching them you really have to wonder where that creative spark really came from...

"In a blog on his website, Johnny Cupcakes says that while there's "a thin, tricky line between intellectual property damage and parody," he was unable to ignore over 100 people sending him a gum commercial that looked an awful lot like an ad for his own company, which was released back in May." -Bob Marshall

I have no knowledge of whom the creative agency behind the traditional Orbit ads were. You know, the ones where the white-clad spokespeople smile and shine the box of Orbit at the camera. However, their new commercial does take on a completely radical edge in contrast to their traditional spots. And in all fairness, the Johnny Cupcake ad came out in May 2010, a full 5 months prior to Orbit's fishy spot. Check them both out below!

What do you think?! Pretty similar in content and colors, I'm rooting for Johnny Cupcakes on this dilemma.. and look forward to its heated development! Let's see where it goes from here!

'til next time!'

Conan O'Brien Drives an Explosives-Packed Car Off A Cliff!

Good morning!! FRIDAY.  Love it.  Anything fun planned for the weekend?  Before I jump into this morning's post, I just wanted to let everyone know that we won our basketball game last night!  I play in this league, and we are called "Bye Week" and as of now we stand at 2 wins and 2 losses.  So good win for us.  Anyhow, I've been anxiously waiting for Conan to come back to TV after he was snubbed by Leno.  Not just because he awkwardly looks like the Finnish President but he's just so damn funny.  Looking forward to his new show starting up November 8th!  

Back to the video itself...I'm sure you have noticed by now, but there has been an abundance of Conan promos...he even has a huge CONAN BLIMP!  The video below is one of his newest promos and it features him flying off a cliff in a car that's packed with explosives.  How does he do? Well you're going to have to watch the video yourself.  With that said, I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks posts, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A man, in the end, prefers beer to sex with a woman

Good morning!! Ahhh yes...nothing makes me more happy than seeing commercials for the beer of all beers, Stella Artois. For those of you that don't know, I like Stella so much I even named my pet turtle after it. Anyways, as it turns out from this spot and not surprisingly, a man, in the end, prefers beer to sex with a woman. Shocked?

Mother, the agency behind this spot, teamed up with filmmakers Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola to produce a commercial that had an Austin Powers feel to it. Surely it had something to do with the 60s vibe that was felt throughout. Anyways, as you will see from the video, the lucky lady who gets invited in gets a little too nosy and plays around with the mans gadgets. Unfortunately, for the woman that is , as a result of messing around with the man's things, she gets swallowed up by the sofa and gets replaced with a Stella Artois...the man's true love.  Enjoy! Leave comments! Share!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Makes you wanna say BOOM!

Humpday already?! Great to know but I can't believe how fast the week is going by! If the week could talk it would probably tell me "BOOM!"

And that's exactly what the wizards over at W+K keep rolling out for Nike, more BOOM! What started out as a funny series of spots is turning into a mega viral sensation and I would love to see how it is spreading in the amateur sport leagues and from crazed sports fanatics couches.

The 60 seconds is made up of the various segments from the campaign's shorter clips and includes some new appearances from celebrity endorsements. Roll up in a fly ride while tossing the keys to the valet... BOOM! Gotta love how BOOM! resonates everywhere!

I think its very catchy and will pick up usage in the next few weeks! Especially if W+K complements their videos with some experiential marketing tactics, find a way to BOOM! friends on Facebook, who knows...

I'd like to hear your thoughts... meanwhile I'll be maniacally zipping around the chaotic and traffic-plagued streets of México crying out BOOM!

'til next time!'

Christ, what an A$$HOLE!

Good morning!! As shocking as the title of this post may sound, it certainly holds true.  Diesel have been on a bit of ass kick these days, as told by our post a few days ago about Diesel and Running.  Well, this morning's post will certainly without a doubt turn you off, and I'm sure will get Uncle Cliffy spinning in circles...I can't even imagine what he has to say...haha.  I still don't see this campaign being very effective, for that matter I used to even hold Diesel with high prestige, but now this whole ass kicking campaign is certainly not painting that picture anymore.  In the video, Diesel arrives at the "land of assholes to deliver a planetary kicking."  From the looks of it this is being aired in Europe based on the asshole discussing the forecast in celsius.  I can't even imagine something like this coming to the U.S. haha, but from the time I've spent living in Europe I have to say I have seen my share of disturbing commercials.  Anyways, brace your eyes and watch the video!  

~Until Next Time~


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lay your finger off my Butterfinger Snackerz!

What better way to start a Tuesday then a commercial involving a great new product from the Butterfinger crew! Presenting... *drumroll* Butterfinger Snackerz! a bite-sized snack that will surely tickle any Butterfinger fanatics fancy - like myself!

I can't say I enjoy any other type of chocolate bar snack, nor that I even enjoyed the original size of the Butterfinger bar. However, this new product takes all the taste and compacts it into a perfect buttery-centered treat! This must taste like HEAVEN.. Check out the goodness below!

That's right... Pop! and a Zap! for those who try to get their hands on her deliciousness. Now if I could only have theWIM send me a bag of those goodies to México! While I negotiate, please make sure to leave your comments below!

'til next time!'

‘The Simpsons’ Explains Its Button-Pushing Banksy Opening

Good morning!!  If you haven't seen last weeks episode of The Simpsons, you missed one of the darkest couch gags in Simpson history.  The Simpsons, together with British artist "Banksy" created an opening sequence that tries to portray the apparent sweatshop conditions that are responsible for the show.  One would imagine the shows producers would be out of a job today, but seems like they are still back at work.  Something worth checking out would be this recent interview with ArtsBeat, where Al Jean explains all! Enjoy!

~Until Next Time~


Monday, October 11, 2010

Face to Face

GoodMonday to you all! Hopefully everyone is buckling down for a productive week and ready to kick the week off with a great video brought to you by British Airways. The spot is part of their "Face-to-Face" campaign that gave away complimentary flights to budding entrepreneurs in order to help them meet key business figures and attend crucial meetings to develop their business.

I think it's an absolutely remarkable idea and a great way to interact with key consumers in a way that moves the world. Check out the video below to see what kind of great ideas British Airways is supporting!

As you just saw, Go Cars is a great company with a fun business model that definitely benefitted from this campaign. I for one am a sucker for these kinds of brand initiatives that go beyond the product or service and connect a brand with ideas that make a whole lot of sense!

Great job British Airways!

'til next time!'

Sony Drops Out of Climate Change Campaign After Exploding Kids Ad

Good morning!! Happy Columbus Day.  Conveniently enough this might actually be the first time I have benefited from this holiday because I don't have to go to work today!  Having said that, it doesn't mean I can't provide you with something to watch this morning.  I hope everyone had a great weekend though, do anything fun?  

Anyhow, let's get back to business!  This morning I bring to you quite a horrific looking ad from the 10:10 campaign which if you don't know happened yesterday.  The 10:10 campaign is a day of positive action related to climate change looking to cut carbon emission by 10% each year.  The ad will ultimately leave you with your mouth open and asking yourself why on earth would someone ever put something out like this.  How did no one say "hey this probably won't come across very well, maybe we should scrap the idea?" Unfortunately, the people behind this campaign succeeded in doing nothing, and unfortunately didn't help their cause at all.  Whatever happened to the stranded polar bear ads?  I would rather see that than people blowing up.  Seriously though, who thought blowing up people would be a good idea?  Really makes me wonder sometimes.  The PSA is narrated by Gillian Anderson (who conveniently blows up too).  Not surprisingly, the people at the 10:10 campaign have admitted that it was a mistake and pulled it from the website.  Unfortunately, once you put it on the web it's going to spread like wildfire and end up on sites like The WIM :)  Hopefully, they take this as a learning experience and maybe tone it down a notch the next time around.  

Anyways, let me know what you thought!

~Until Next Time~


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mister Pink

Hello again! I'll lighten up the Thursday load with this great short promoting the Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. As I just found out, this is one of the most important film festivals in Europe and the top festival in Portugal.

I'd make a mission out of checking out more of these short films over the weekend to see if any go up next week for you guys. Now back to the clip, *snap-snap* to all you Reservoir Dog fanatics! You might take a particularly strong liking to this commercial and for those of you who enjoy some witty screenplay, check it out below!

I really enjoyed this clip, its short and funny. I've always been a HUGE fan of commercials for film festivals and this one is going up in the top 5. It has a very enticing way of getting viewers' attention and if you happen to be a fanatic, what a great twist! I'll leave it to your comments!

'til next time!'

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Beauty of the Juke

GoodHumpDay to you all! The right kind of hump, ahem.. you know, the kind that lets you know its midweek, Thursday is a day away and Friday is begging for plans! And to start off this Wednesday I present to you this ad that should get your adrenaline going!

I'm not praising the car here, because ultimately I don't know if its a nice ride or just a pimped out marketing shenanigan but the fact resides in the coolness of the ad. Great visuals, humorous details and most importantly it gets straight to the point.

I'm sure this ad will work wonders for its targeted demographic, 24-34 year olds. It seems like a great car with reliable features and performance. Check it our below!

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

'til next time!'


Good morning!!  I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when I saw a post from APL!  Happy to see posts from him again.  In typical DC fashion, there was no transition from summer to fall, so it's getting quite cold these days (not a fan).'s post is about Gap's apparent rebrand.  I first read about this on "down with design" and  I can't imagine what the people over at Gap are thinking because this new logo looks like a logo for some sort of computer software.  It certainly does NOT look like something a clothing company would use.  It actually reminds me of a very generic store brand logo...sort of like when Tropicana decided to rebrand their packaging by taking off the famous orange with a straw...and we all know how that turned out right?  I can only imagine the type of confusion and backlash this is going to cause, but what were they trying to achieve here?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this and more importantly what you think of the new logo!!

~Until Next Time~


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Kingmaker App

Hello Again! I apologize for the brief hiatus! I'll make it up to you guys this week with some interesting ads from around the world. Today, I'll start you off with a promo from the makers of Fable 3 that is sure to drive any gamer stir-crazy.

The release of their new game does not come out for a while but in an effort to raise pre-launch awareness and interaction, this video touts the Kingmaker 3 mobile app, that allows you to geotag different areas of the city with a flag that collects virtual money for the game.

I think its a brilliant idea and a very futuristic step towards online gaming bridging into real world collaborations. Without further adieu I present the video. Check it out!

I'm not that big of a gaming fan now but I believe this is something that would have gotten my time and dime back in the day. Let us know your thoughts!

'til next time!'

Monday, October 4, 2010

BMW vs. Audi vs. Subaru vs. Bentley

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a great a weekend.  I had the opportunity to catch up on some sleep, and relax a little bit so I really can't complain.  Unfortunately, kickball playoffs went sour and we lost in the finals again...haha...oh well.  Next up in terms of league competition is the basketball league I'm apart of.  Let's hope that my team does well in that!  Anyhow, I hope to bring you some good stuff this week, and I'll begin by presenting you a string of advertisements sent to me by my brother over at Development Crossing.

Back in January I posted about a similar advertisement regarding BMW and Audi and the following ads just add fuel to the fire...but I have to say my favorite has to be the one with Bentley.  Anyhow, I hope you guys have a great start to the week and be sure to send me any funny ads you guys come across!

~Until Next Time~


Friday, October 1, 2010

Diesel Sneakers. Not Made For Running.

Good morning!! Happy Friday to all of you.  Finally time for the weekend!  Let's see...what do I have planned...well first off, I have kickball playoffs on Saturday (fingers crossed everyone, need to win this one!) and then I'll spend most of Sunday pretty much relaxing because Monday is just around the corner...again ha.

Anyhow, this morning I bring to you quite an interesting commercial from Diesel.  According to this spot, Diesel sneakers weren't made for running.  I find that particularly funny seeing that I don't think anyone out there associates Diesel with running of all things...or am I wrong here? 

 The video itself is rather dirty depending on how much your mind wants to make of it, but there are a lot of things in there that can be taken very, very wrong haha.  How about the scene where the ass "farts" and immediately enters the hay scattered all over the place...or how about towards the end when the ass and shoe have officially bonded with one another...haha.  

Anyways...without me revealing too much, why don't you take a look at the commercial and let me know what you thought!  Have a great weekend!

~Until Next Time~