Monday, June 28, 2010

The Brooklyn Spike Knows

Who doesn't enjoy the backstage pass, the all-access pass, or the behind the scenes sneak preview! That's why I am starting off the week with this video that takes us behind the scenes of the ABSOLUTBrooklyn collaboration with Spike Lee.

I really enjoyed this clip because you can see the creative drive in Spike's work and there is noone better for this collaboration than Spike Lee. Since his filmmaking days for his epic movie "Do the Right Thing" Lee has managed to capture Brooklyn's spirit in everything he does.

The bottle comes out looking great, nothing wild and ostentatious, just deep down soul and spirit. Check the video out below!

As you can see, brands must look to collaborate with legends like Spike Lee that give meaning to a new product or service, make the dots connect in consumers' minds and great things happen. Its even better when a brand uncovers the creative process behind a product or service, the grind that was required to get everything on its feet.

Definitely a step forward for the Absolut crew and hopefully it's not the last of these kinds of collabs we get to check out. Stay tuned!

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Suck My Goldman Sachs

Monday already? Wow...that came up quick.  What a disappointing weekend though!  Yesterday, England...if you  haven't heard already, got crushed by the Germans 4-1 in the Round of 16.  It was a terrible result and at the end of the day the better team won.  Though...I must say that this game told us why football needs to adopt instant replay.  Lampard's shot from outside the box was CLEARLY inside the goal but none of the referees saw it but guess what the rest of the world did.  FIFA should be deeply embarrassed by the type of officiating that has taken place during this World Cup, and we can only hope that these types of blunders never happen again.

Anyways...back to the post!  Despite being slightly old, I only came across this ad campaign a few days ago appropriately titled "Suck My Goldman Sachs".  

This ad was displayed in the East London borough of Hackney during conservative leader David Cameron's pre-election campaign.  The ad has certainly received a lot of buzz online and I thought I would share it with everyone just in case some of you didn't see it already!  I for one think it's hilarious.

As always, leave us your thoughts but in the meantime become a fan on Facebook at:

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creating Local Pride Loyalty: Absolut Brooklyn

While we're on the topic of viral marketing, have a look at Absolut's new "City Limited Editon" vodka, Absolut Brooklyn.

This is Absolut's fourth "City Limited Edition" vodka, after Absolut New Orleans, Absolut Los Angeles, and Absolut Boston.
Absolut worked with Spike Lee on this project, which, like the previous city editions has a charitable component to it. Absolut will be donating $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity in New York City. In addition, through a partnership with clothing retailer Brooklyn Industries, a percentage of t-shirt sales profits will also be donated.

But let's get to the advertisement:

This "trailer" compliments a Facebook fan page and a traditional ad campaign plastered all across subway stations and bus shelters. It sure represents the brand's intention to go local.

What do you think? If Absolut made a vodka for your city, would you try it? Which city should be next?

Off to lunch

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Street Tennis with Andy Murray

You've got to love the ads that come along with the major sporting events. For me, its mostly because you get to see an otherwise focused athlete chilling out, messing around, or giving you a perspective few people hardly get to see.

In today's post you'll get to check out Andy Murray mess around on the street with his primary tools of destruction. It's great because it has a lot of creativity behind its production and some really great elements that humanize him to his fans. AND... he's laughing through most of the clip! Great stuff check it out below!

Great viral ad for Head Raquets, and a spot that will help Murray, a british hopeful, rile up his fanbase. This is an initiative I'd like to see other brands get their stars to do.

'til next time!'

Sony Shows 3-D to Peyton & Justin

Good morning to you all!  I hope everyone is doing well as always and don't have too hard of a day planned out, after all it is The World Cup!  With the world going through this football craze, it's only fitting that I post about the commercials that are being aired during the tournament.

In this particular spot quarterback Peyton Manning and music icon Justin Timberlake visit Sony's 3-D R&D lab where they test out the newest 3D glasses.  I actually went to the store to give these 3D TVs a go but I can't imagine wearing them for an entire match.  Don't get me wrong, the TVs are very very cool but I just can't get myself passed wearing those glasses for the entire time.

Anyhow...check out this humorous spot and let me know what you think!  Though the one question I do have is why is that when they take off their 3D glasses...everyone falls except for the woman who appears to be standing the entire time?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There is no way you are putting a giant pretzel inside me!

I can't stop laughing over this new spot for M&Ms!  It was created by BBDO New York, the advertising agency for M&Ms since 1995.  This new spot that brings back Orange, the M&M "spokescandy" is very well done, and hilarious.  

Orange and his newly acquainted friend Mr. Pretzel are surrounded by scientists trying to figure out a way to get Mr. Pretzel inside Orange.  The spot is looking to advertise M&Ms newest candy to hit the stores the "Pretzel M&Ms".  

After failing over and over, Orange can't seem to convince those behind this new line of M&Ms not to go ahead with their evil plan.  Mr. Pretzel even humorously responds with "Listen buddy, I'm not too thrilled about this either".  The spot eventually ends with an X-ray showing Orange and Mr. Pretzel right inside of him. 

These types of spots have certainly been a trend with M&Ms in the past.  The agency tends to always use these humorous characters to advertise their products.  In addition to that, M&M also does a great job with getting consumers involved by even allowing them to create their own self as an M&M!  

What do you think?

Anyways, why not take a look at the spot yourself and let me know what you think! 

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FirstBank of Comedy?

I found two great ads from a little known bank called FirstBank, I actually don't know how big the bank is but I have not heard of it, maybe its big out on the west coast. What's important is its easy going humor that helps get the bank's services across.
They quick witty spots that I'll definitely look forward to seeing more of. I think its a quick way of garnering awareness for its services. Take a look yourself!

And also this spot titled, "Hotel" which a lot of people prefer over the one above but I still find the humor behind the first spot more entertaining.

It'd be great if they could integrate this video campaign into an experiential marketing stunt at trade shows, conferences, concerts, etc. I think it could gain a lot of uproar for its spontaneity and double-take consciousness.

'til next time!'

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All-State sparks a little Mayhem

Mayhem, it's unpredictable, irrational and always gets you at the wrong time. That's the fear AllState is determined to stir up in consumers' minds with its new spot "Mayhem" created by Leo Burnett Chicago.

I think its an interesting turn for AllState given its longstanding "Good Hands" campaign. A turn which definitely gets the point across in a menacing way that should turn enough heads to gather the wanted interest. I'm curious to find out what other platforms they intend to attack with this approach... could be the necessary turn they need for the better.

The actor is Dean Winters from the OZ who definitely captures the screen with his creepy performance, its wild enough to work and that's why I like it! I should also mention that AllState plans to keep its "Good Hands" campaign running alongside this "Mayhem" campaign. Look forward to seeing where it goes from here...

'til next time!'

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Power of Olympus

Goodmonday to you all and a special shout-out to Kenneth on this day - Congrats! Happy Birthday! Let's hope he has a great day today...

Given the festive nature we kicked this post off with, I thought a little birthday cheer via a new Olympus spot from the people over at Mullen would help set the mood. I have never had any real desire to buy an Olympus branded product but this spot definitely made me stop and think again.

Below you'll find a surprising twist to the end, meanwhile during the shoot lots of clowns and other animated passer-bys act out a nice weekend stroll in Olympus land. Which I can't say really won me over or helped convince me of any product attributes but like I said, it's Kenneth's birthday and he likes this kind of stuff. So... Without further delay!

I believe the ending is quite clever, it packs the needed punch to place this spot in consumers' mindsets. I am really looking forward to seeing how the public will react to this product and if there is a warm reception from the technologically savvy community.

As the old ad age goes... "nothing kills a bad product faster than great marketing!"

'til next time!'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Come and let Iceland inspire you

With Iceland getting quite the reputation of ruining practically everyones travel plans, that massive plume of ash from that volcano no one can spell certainly didn't paint a pretty picture for themselves.  So....what better way to boost tourism than launch a campaign about Iceland.

Fiton, the agency behind this video, created this upbeat commercial showcasing some of the great things about Iceland and why exactly you should visit!  From a bunch of crazy dance moves to two lovebirds sharing a moment in some sort of bath, the video actually makes me want to go visit haha.

I have heard nice things so maybe I should book a trip?

Anyways, take this opportunity and watch this video and let Iceland inspire you!

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

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McDonald's: Open 24 hours

An interesting advertisement to start your Thursday off.  I try not go to McDonald's too often but I can't lie though, there are days where I need to indulge and buy some of those fries...probably not the healthiest option but what can you do?

So back to this post though, this advertisement is quite clever by using the moon as a hamburger noting that wherever you are in the world a McDonalds is always open no matter what time of day.

Then again...probably the same reason why obesity rates are sky high.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lynx Effect World Cup Style

Lynx...a popular brand of deodorant from England (I think) has come out with with this interesting advertisement with a World Cup theme attached to it.  Besides the half naked woman cheering like a person who just scored, why is the flag a little off? It sort of looks like a crucifix...or am I wrong here?

Let me know what you guys think!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Monday Jump-Start

GoodMonday to you all, for those who are still buzzing from last night NBA's playoff game and this Saturdays USA vs England match-up I give you a funny patriotic video conjured up by the funky creatives over at W+K Portland. It's a spot for Dodge's new car, the Challenger and while I can't vouch for the car, I can vouch for some light entertainment to get our Monday going. Check it out below.

The second post is a video gone viral by the crew over at Saatchi NY who came up with the spot in 2 days, quick, witty and ties into the whole patriotic post for this morning. Enjoy both!

Stay tuned for some more great international ads coming up this week!

'til next time!'

Five Video Ads to Get You Pumped About the World Cup

With the World Cup well under way I would love to know who you're supporting!  I'm personally going for England but I still can't get over that TIE they had the other day.  Typical can always count on England to choke somehow.  As you probably know, The World Cup is certainly a haven for different advertisers, and probably what I like best are the different commercials we see aired during the tournament.  With that said I present you with five video Ads to get you PUMPED about this years 

World Cup!

Puma: Love=Football

Coca-Cola: History of Celebration

Carlsberg Team Talk

Pepsi: Oh Africa

Nike: Write the Future

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!  Leave your comments below!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stella & The Diamonds

You've got to love great collaborations, sometimes its simply the fun of listening to one of your fav groups jamming out with reason for a brand. In this case its Stella Artois, the mother of all European beers except for Peroni, who collaborated with Marina & the Diamonds for this great spot.

Conceptualized by Mother London, this spot unites the two popular names under a funky, retro-like commercial. Its amusing to watch and creates a feel-good buzz for Stella. Perfect for the summer and anti-work vibe that goes along with it. Check it out below!

These ad isn't just touting a great beer, it is announcing a new light-weight bottle that uses less CO2 emissions in its fabrication, ultimately offering a classier brew. Great stuff!!

If you guys know of any similar spots that have some collaborations like this, please send them along. For now just enjoy the video and look out for it while you watch the World Cup Games!

'til next time!'

Amazing T-Shirt Idea...just in time too!

With the World Cup just ONE day away this post is certainly right on queue.  
I found this amazing t-shirt design on Barnorama and anyone familiar with football/soccer whatever you want to call it knows how players like to celebrate.  Well...what better way to get fans involved than by allowing them to celebrate just like their favorite players would! 

Anyways, I thought this was pretty damn cool.  What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The flip-top cigarette pack

Just when everyone was trying to get healthy this comes along.  @aParadigmLost would appreciate this posting for one main reason, and that reason is design.  Hopefully he shares some of his thoughts later.
Below you will find the flip-top cigarette pack.  Who knew the days of trying to make smoking cool were over?  Remember this guy?

Well here comes this new piece of creativity.  

Let me tone it down a bit since these cigarettes actually don't come with any cigarettes to my knowledge but regardless, I think it might get people to smoke at the end of the day.  TankBooks took it upon themselves to launch a "series of books designed to mimic cigarette packs – the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane." 

 The creativity behind this piece of work is fantastic.  Being able to turn something like a cigarette pack into something completely different like a book takes a good deal of creativity.  On the other hand I could see this getting people to smoke more, especially if you're a smoker.  How could a smoker possibly sit there and read this book without thinking of smoking?  And again, how could a non-smoker read a book like this and not think of trying to have a smoke?  Either way, I think the idea behind this design was excellent but what it might do to consumers might not be so good.

The books are "by authors of great stature – classic stories presented in classic packaging; objects desirable for both their literary merit and their unique design.
Each story is complete and unabridged – with a type size that’s easy to read. Individual books are great for throwing into a pocket or handbag – an instantly familiar object to carry with you. The complete set comes in a stunning tin – perfect as a really original gift."

Judging by that description doesn't it remind you of this? You know something that is perfect for throwing into a pocket or handbag:

TankBooks goes on and says "Try one and you’ll be hooked"

Sound familiar?  Haha.

Anyways, I thought this would be something everyone would be interested in checking out!  Like I said, I don't think they actually want people to smoke but I just think that it might get people to smoke haha.

What does everyone else think?  Leave us some of your thoughts!

~Until Next Time~


Friday, June 4, 2010

Can McDonalds dance in France?

I had to step away from the action for the past two days given a nasty stomach flu I got from eating delicious freshly cut sashimi at a local market this past weekend. Incredible sashimi I can't deny but packs a hell of a side-effect.

Alas, moving along to great spots, I present this video from McDonalds in France. I was stunned when I first saw this, watched it again and then a smile spread on my face - a devious smile because it recognizes a very bold move towards something better, towards attacking an issue head-on without trying to cloud a message with insinuations.

I'm not sure who the agency behind this spot is but I will look into it this weekend. Would like to see what other stuff they are coming up with and if its always this controversial. Without further delay, check out the spot below!

Let us know what you think, especially if you recognize this ad or have seen others like it. I think boldness is something we should celebrate and recognize no matter what our preference may be. I think the world will be seeing a lot more of these kinds of changes soon.

'til next time!'

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiger Woods appears in new spot for EA

What's up everyone? Let me start this post off by asking you guys to send some love over to @aParadigmLost because he's sick and has been in the hospital for the past couple days! Not to worry, he should be out soon!  

Anyways...back to business!  EA just launched a new spot that features Tiger Woods and the launch of his new game.  This ad is certainly different from the last one we posted where we saw Tiger for the first time since the scandal.  This new spot certainly shows glimpses of a happier Tiger Woods, which is kinda funny because I think the latest story is that he is finally going through the divorce process.  I wonder if we should expect to see any new ones?

Another funny thing to note about this game is that this was the first time Tiger was not the only one featured on the cover!  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 features Tiger Woods AND Rory Mcilroy:

Anyhow... I think it's about time for me to show you this commercial:

Remember to leave your comments below!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Liven up your pack!

Unfortunately for those of us on the wrong side of the Atlantic we miss out on the opportunity to personalize a 6-pack of Heineken's for memorabilia's sake. All it takes is 3 simple steps and poof! you've got yourself a dandy pack of brews to show off to your heart's delight.

I'm really enjoying what the creative crew over at Heineken have
been crafting up this year - the UEFA Champions theatre spoof was pure genius - and now they are letting consumers customize their bottles for more engagement.

Three simple steps: 1. Choose your bottle's skin. 2. Personalize front and back of bottle. 3. Ship out bottle to yourself or friends. That simple!

I give this campaign many kudos for bringing user engagement to another level in a fun and interesting way. I believe initiatives like this really help brands stand out from the rest and would like to see where this bold new step takes Heineken and the many brands that will follow in its wake.

'til next time!'