Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who has the upper hand—you or your hangover?

If you have any bit of competitive spirit inside of you, you know that as human beings we keep track of everything...especially those competitions between friends.  For instance, I'm about 10 and 0 against my friend Thorsten in darts.  Granted he has improved, he still can't beat me haha.  Anyways, I bring to you the Life Scorecard from Puma.  Essentially, it is a running scoreboard at your finger tips.  So, next time your friend claims he beat you last week in pool, just bring up the scorecard and lay down the facts right there.  It literally can be about anything, even between you and your hangover.  Interested in learning more about it?  Check out LifeScoreBoard.com  and begin playing instantly!  In the meantime, let me know about some of the "friendly" competition you and your friends have, or even some creative challenges someone could do!

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