Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What if your Facebook became a book?

The ever so popular social networking platform we all know as Facebook, is now actually a book.  Bouygues Telecom wanted to come up with a unique idea to launch their Facebook platform.  That's where DDB Paris stepped in.  DDB Paris decided to create "1,000 physical books made from people's own Facebook pages"(AF).  After watching the video, it certainly appears like it took a lot of time.  To be honest though, I don't really find it that cool though.  You created something that I could easily access online as well, big deal.  I would have liked to have seen some sort of emotional attachment to the piece which would make the book worth having, otherwise I don't really see this as that big of a success besides the fact they probably killed a few hundred trees in the process.  Smooth!  Anyways, that's enough from me, and now I want to hear from you.  Drop me some comments below!  Enjoy!

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  1. What's interesting is that Facebook is actually really horrible with history right now - it's all about the "now". Try looking for your wall posts from 2007 for example. You'll be hitting "read more" for several hours.

    Only recently have some history-promoting features surfaced. The "You and [Friend]" feature, which digs up your communication and photos that you share with a person is one example.