Monday, December 20, 2010

This is the stomach of an under-indulger

So I planned on writing this post from London BUT due to the apparent snow storm over there my flight got canceled on Saturday.  Fortunately I got it rebooked for this Tuesday, so fingers crossed that I can leave!!  Looking forward to the holidays though!!

Moving on though, today I bring to you Pepto's latest spot titled "Tummy Time".  I've always found it rather impressive for companies to be able to advertise products such as this in a way that makes it entertaining but still get's the point across.  I'm a huge fan of Pepto though, you won't see me buying any Tums!  Anyways, this spot features Ken Jeong who we featured back in October in a spot featuring Derrick Rose.  He does a far better job in this than he did in the shoe commercial, and most importantly I don't find him annoying at all haha.  Anyhow, take a moment and watch the spot and let me know what you thought!

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