Monday, November 1, 2010

The Wonders of Rum!

Good Monday!! Hopefully everyone had a great weekend full of make-up, wigs, itchy fabric and lots of booze! But yes, sadly the weekend is over and I've decided to lighten the load of the oncoming week with some mischevious humor.

I had to choose between 3 great ads for today but given the weekend festivities I chose this ad for Bundaberg Rum which features a crocodile, a couple of golfers and a lethal tee.

It is very amusing, a little absurd and lighthearted fun so it will get the blood pumping throughout your body and into your brain where it is much needed to get the hamster running on its wheel... Check it out below!

Its nice to see this kind of humor in ads, because I feel like the ad world is heading towards more CRAZYness in their approach to pitching products and services, which might be a good thing as long as their aren't trying to compensate for something consumers are no longer looking to them to communicate - a.k.a the products and services...

I'll dig deeper into this thought throughout the week, for now enjoy the video and leave a comment, I'd like to get your thoughts on it.

'til next time!'

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