Friday, November 12, 2010

The woman you'd love your woman to be like

Good morning!! Happy Friday first and foremost.  You gotta love that the weekend is finally here, any big plans?  This morning my brother Marcus sent me what you are about to see.  He lives over in London, so I hope I can be one of the first to show it to everyone in the US who may not have heard of it.  Anyways, I bring to you yet another version of my favorite Old Spice commercial but  this one is much more enjoyable to look at! haha. As I'm sure most of you are aware, there have been different versions of the original Old Spice commercial featuring Isaiah Mustafa, some of which I have featured here on The WIM.

Well, the video I have for you this morning is from the British tabloid newspaper, The Sun. I used to live in  London, so I'm very familiar with the paper.  They are advertising their ever popular "Page 3", which if you don't know, is a section of the newspaper consisting of a topless or nude photograph of a female model.  As a way to celebrate 40 years of Page 3, The Sun have released a video paying tribute to the original Old Spice spot.  The video, featuring Rosie Jones was shot in one take with Rosie doing many of the similar stunts as seen in the original but with far less clothing.  I love all the different versions that have been made, but I think it's almost getting to a point where they are being made too often.  I'm looking forward to seeing whether or not the new Mr. Peanut campaign from Planters becomes a viral hit.  Though, I won't complain if  The Sun  releases another one of these again! Anyhow, I think this was a pretty appropriate send off for the weekend, so as always, remember to leave your comments, and stay tuned for more great posts next week! Enjoy the video!

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  1. Does it mean anything that I want to kick her ass?

  2. Haha, please tell me how you REALLY feel Fattema!