Thursday, November 25, 2010

We all fall down. Thank you for helping us get back up.

Happy Turkey Day to all!  Whenever you get a moment on this busy day, take a second and kick back and let your food digest as you watch this spot for GM.  If you have been completely oblivious to what's been going on around you, surely you would know by now that GM was in a bit of a mess the last few years.  In the spot you are about to see, GM thanks America for a second chance.  A video filled with a boxer getting knocked down, to Popeye looking for his trusty bag of spinach, to Evel Knieval getting right back at up after a big fall, this spot is all about second chances, and how it's the way you get back up that truly defines who you are.  The spot officially airs today, so I'm sure you will see it a few times, which means you will have enough time to leave me some of your thoughts!  Enjoy the video, and I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

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