Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Rise of Gamers a Modern Brotherhood

I relinquished my gaming addiction years ago, it was tough but necessary. Even as teenager growing up in Mexico City with a slightly slower connection did not stop me from playing non-stop against other global gamers in the endless pursuit of whatever the game's ultimate goal was. Although I'm not sure if I was ever a big enough gamer to tell you I actually accomplished anything compared to more devoted gamers.


However, today the global gaming empire continues to grow and the platforms that propel that growth are monstrous compared to what existed 8 years ago. We here at theWIM have been witness to that surge in popularity, as well as the incredible commercials that have been competing for gamers attention this past year.

Today, we showcase a pretty eery and interesting ad that is sure to demand the loss of productivity in gamer's lives everywhere. It's for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, a game that looks like it requires significant investment of time. Check it out below!

The concept seems compelling enough as well as the gameplay. I'm not a gamer anymore so I could be completely wrong about this but judging from the ad it seems like a safe bet.

'til next time!'

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