Thursday, November 11, 2010

RayBan's Slo-Mo Romance

Good day to you all! In Mexico City, the sunny days have begun to fade into chilly breezes and shivery nights. I am sure those of you in the eastern coast of the U.S. have already bid your farewells to the warm summer days.

In honor of those fond days of sun, fun and serendipitous romantic moments I present you with a great clip from Ray-Ban that captures that spirit. I hope this video brightens your day and gets you pumped for the social outings the weekend will bring...

My hat goes off to the agency and production crew that made this video because it's no easy feat to produce and they did an amazing job. Given past experiences with slo-mo clips, I almost skipped over this ad! But hopefully now you can forward it onto your friends!

'til next time!'

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