Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nike Unleashes Terror

This Thanksgiving I thought it would be nice to introduce the power of storytelling and how it's changing the way ads are being produced. In contrast to maybe before 10 years ago, ads always were updfront with their sales pitch. Today, that landscape has changed dramatically.

The rise of transmedia storytelling has opened up a vast network of interconnected media platforms from which to voice the greatness of our products and services. So, in essence we begin to see ads take on a much more subtle and mysterious role as a storytelling rule.

Below, an ad from Nike that speaks of its product like a horror movie. Both gripping and suspenseful, check it out below!

As you saw, the story doesn't end there, it continues onto other platforms where consumers will piece together the story in their collective memory. Awesome, I really love this and see a brighter future for ad agencies seeking relevancy in this rapidly changing media environment.

Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone!
'til next time!'

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