Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Night Chauffeur

Hello, Hello! Whenever a commercial for my favorite beer comes out, I usually have to write something about it. Mother London, the agency behind this spot for Stella Artois, have released a video titled "The Night Chaffeur". 

The idea behind this campaign was to re-create a real life cinema experience for Londons nightlifers. Theres a little bit more to it as Stella is trying to promote their special edition beer, Stella Artois Black. I'm not familiar with this new beer, but if it is in fact a completely new product, it might be a good move for Stella, as craft beers have become widely popular especially in the U.S. 

This new promotion will allow anyone who buys the special edition beer (at the bar), to receive a chance at becoming part of a 1960s-era "cinematic" experience. Those lucky bargoers who get chosen will be picked up by The Night Chauffeur in a "classic Citroen DS and whisked away to become a key player in an immersive theater production at one of ten London bars." (CO)  

I'd have to say this is a very Stella'esque promotion and definitely think it's very cool.  I certainly expect something like this from Stella, as most of their ads have a similar old school vibe to them.  Gives it that classic, I'm the better beer touch.  Anyways, let me know what you thought, and check out the spot below! Enjoy!

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