Monday, November 29, 2010

the Next Soccer SuperStar: an online journey

I hope you all had a very relaxing weekend and ready to fly by this week with the help of some outstanding ads! I want to start off the week with a great new online gaming experience - one that I hinted at last week and now have a truly awesome example to share with you.

The following commercial is for I AM PLAYR, an online game that lets you live up to your childhood fantasies of taking your place alongside the soccer legends - at least virtually! The concept is one where you make a series of decisions that hopefully lead to your superstardom or tragic failure. I'll let the commercial speak for itself, check it out below!

What I enjoyed about this new gaming platform is that it places you in the player point of view perspective, as if everything were actually unfolding before your eyes. Much like the Nike commercials directed by Guy Ritche that rocked the blogworld this past summer.

Which reminds me, this project is also being sponsored by Nike, so it looks like a very promising future for the people over at I AM PLAYR. Let's wait and see how things roll out...

'til next time!'

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