Monday, November 15, 2010

Loaf Motion

Good morning!!  Ok Go has come out with yet another creative piece of work to showcase their newest song.  They decided to go in somewhat of a new direction with this video, seeing that we don't see any of the people from the band itself in it.  Rather, they decided to use an alternative medium by using 215 loaves of bread and a warn out toaster.  One would imagine that 215 loaves of bread could maybe go to the poor, but they made sure to point out that all 215 loaves were past their sell-by date.  It's quite creative what they have done here, it reminds me of HP's "The Printed Life" we talked about a little while ago, though I don't think HP really considered the environment with that video!  Anyways, I hope this video taps into your creative bubble for this week and gets your week off to a good start!  Enjoy!

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