Thursday, November 18, 2010

If you do get into a Situation with your Situation, you may end up with a Situation

Bristol Palin's acting is just about as good as her dancing skills on dancing with the stars.  Frankly, the only thing I'm impressed with is the fact that Bristol's dancing partner can actually lift her up...that right there is a pretty impressive feat.  To make matters worse, Bristol is seen here in a PSA about teen pregnancy, with "The Situation" of all people.  Bristol claims in the spot she tries to avoid these particular situations but that didn't stop her from getting knocked up a couple years ago.  Bristol has worked with The Candie's Foundation for about two years now.  The spot itself isn't very funny, it really is just extremely awkward.  Having "The Situation" of all people talking about sex probably wasn't the smartest idea, and apparently Bristol takes her stiff dance moves into talking as well, as it seems like she is simply just reciting everything from the top of her head.  Anyhow, what did you think?  Drop me some comments below!

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