Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cruze T takes on PacMan

It's humpday! That's right, only two more days of great posts left for the week! Regardless, I present you guys with a truly creative ad which showcases the technical attributes that allow the Chevrolet Cruze T to be so much fun to drive.

It's great to see ads like this because they focus on the car's unique selling point in a way that is both realistic yet imaginative. Something I haven't seen in many car ads lately! So take a moment to watch this clip and fuel your imagination...

I'm not exactly sure if I would buy a Chevo Cruze T but I know this kind of message speaks to me in a way that really interests me in researching more about the car. I feel this kind of emotion and passion is exactly what creatives need to be brewing up and selling to the public, not overly-expensive and wildly-ridiculous ads that speak little of the product/service's true nature...

'til next time!'

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