Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cleveland's Response

Good morning!!  I've been meaning to post this since it came out but you know how it goes, you see it, you  bookmark it, and then you forget about it haha.  Well, guess what!  I remembered.  A few weeks ago I posted the new Lebron commercial, and this morning I bring to you Cleveland's response.  It's not surprising Cleveland is still feeling the effects of Lebron leaving, but like all things people forget.  And how funny is it that the Heat are only 5 and 4...pretty embarrassing.   Anyhow, enjoy the video and I'm curious, let me know how you feel about the whole Lebron fiasco, I thought he was a punk for leaving and then to add fuel to the fire, started citing racial reasons for people making a big deal about it...please get over yourself. 

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