Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When OCD Strikes!!

Ikea hits home with this "neat-aficionados" or "OCD" inspired ad! The storyline plays off the basic premise any organizational neurotic feels when mayhem strikes their perfect system and IKEA comes to the rescue with their practical, convenient and ├╝ber-organized closet system...

This video is quite funny, especially if you suffer from a little organizational neuroticism from time to time. BUT for all of you messy and spontaneous folk out there, this commercial will hit those nerves as you relive the frustration... Check it out below!

Props to IKEA for making something amusing out of a very commonplace situation which believe it or not, drives many people to make that purchase - the need to be organized and IKEA is the perfect calamine for that neurotic itch!

'til next time!'


  1. Je l'aime. This was sweet and clever, and it made me laugh. I also watched it twice, which constitutes a considerable endorsement. If anyone knows the song playing as the soundtrack, please share. Deux thumbs up. Uncle C

  2. Thanks Uncle C! I liked the song also, did a brief search but couldn't dig up anything. I do however recommend an artist called Martina Topley-Bird, have you heard of her? She's really good!

  3. Never heard of her. Same type of music? Uncle C

  4. No its a bit different, she has great french vocals. I believe she's french or canadian, look into her if you get a chance.

    I do recommend this group, "L & O" they are french and have a very similar style to the one playing in the commercial.