Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Men Become Toys

An interesting spot for you guys today! Surely one to cut the boy toys a break as it ventures into the emotional solitude a playmate experiences. That's right ladies.. us boys have feelings too!

I believe the ad has great scripting and directing, at least enough to get the point across in a light-hearted manner while being a little racy but definitely worth the watch. I don't know who the agency or director is behind this spot, only that it is a creation for JackJones clothing.

The ad feeds into the Axe "desirability" effect. Surely a bullseye strategy for any young adult oriented brand like Axe or JackJones. I personally enjoy the directing and voiceover that carries one through the ad... Check it out!

This might be one of my favorites in a while, it holds an indie creative charm that should work well with its target consumers. Let us know what you think!

'til next time!'

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