Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Sweet Controversy!

What's sweeter than a Friday morning? Why adland controversy, of course! Today it comes in the sweet shape of gum and cupcake onscreen mayhem. I'm not sure why I'm so riled up about this creativity dispute but why shouldn't it be taken with a stern brow and a hearty chuckle.

The players... Firstborn, the makers of Orbit gum commercials vs. the cupcake man himself, Johnny Cupcakes. Both solid contenders on the fun and creativity scale but after watching them you really have to wonder where that creative spark really came from...

"In a blog on his website, Johnny Cupcakes says that while there's "a thin, tricky line between intellectual property damage and parody," he was unable to ignore over 100 people sending him a gum commercial that looked an awful lot like an ad for his own company, which was released back in May." -Bob Marshall

I have no knowledge of whom the creative agency behind the traditional Orbit ads were. You know, the ones where the white-clad spokespeople smile and shine the box of Orbit at the camera. However, their new commercial does take on a completely radical edge in contrast to their traditional spots. And in all fairness, the Johnny Cupcake ad came out in May 2010, a full 5 months prior to Orbit's fishy spot. Check them both out below!

What do you think?! Pretty similar in content and colors, I'm rooting for Johnny Cupcakes on this dilemma.. and look forward to its heated development! Let's see where it goes from here!

'til next time!'

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