Thursday, October 28, 2010

Professional baby, closed course. Do not attempt

Good morning!! I debated whether or not to post this but I gave in.  It's funny, it actually looks like a scene from Mario Kart.  Baby on a stroller, sky rocketing down the road!  All it needed was some red shells, or maybe a lightning bolt!  HP really hit the spot with this one.  I really like the music that runs in the background of this commercial, and whenever I hear it, I always have to tune in.  If you don't remember, I posted about HP a few months ago, and I featured a commercial called "The Printed Life" that had a catchy beat in the background, which really made it great.  This particular spot is looking to showcase HP's newest printing technology, HP ePrint.  With the ePrint, you can now send your documents, photos, and presentations straight to your HP printer from anywhere you want!  All you need is your mobile device and that's it!  Anyhow, leave me your comments and enjoy!

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  1. I have to say that the product does not add up to the ad and the images. The product is mundane and bland, and the presentation of it in a tacked-on fashion at the end is equally mundane and bland. However, the rest of the ad with the baby is exciting and energetic -- helped in no small measure by the soundtrack. The introduction of the product at the end is a big ol' letdown. Now, I say, give me a shiny new printer over a baby any day. But this ad? I'll take the baby.

    Who said they've never heard that song before?

  2. Thanks for the comment Cliff! I see what you're saying, and I'm happy to hear that we both agreed on the soundtrack being the selling point here. Did you have a chance to see "The Printed Life" post? It certainly looks like HP has no interest in saving the environment either!

  3. Except that you enjoyed the song and commercial so much that now you know what the product is. Mission accomplished for HP.