Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mister Pink

Hello again! I'll lighten up the Thursday load with this great short promoting the Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. As I just found out, this is one of the most important film festivals in Europe and the top festival in Portugal.

I'd make a mission out of checking out more of these short films over the weekend to see if any go up next week for you guys. Now back to the clip, *snap-snap* to all you Reservoir Dog fanatics! You might take a particularly strong liking to this commercial and for those of you who enjoy some witty screenplay, check it out below!

I really enjoyed this clip, its short and funny. I've always been a HUGE fan of commercials for film festivals and this one is going up in the top 5. It has a very enticing way of getting viewers' attention and if you happen to be a fanatic, what a great twist! I'll leave it to your comments!

'til next time!'


  1. Nice.

    Are there a lot of commercials for film festivals? I don't remember seeing any (besides this one, of course).

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL I loved it!

  3. I believe there is, it's for the Buenos Aires Film Festival. The ad is called the Tom Selleck - really great spot.

    I'm including the link in case we didn't post about it so you can have a laugh!