Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Makes you wanna say BOOM!

Humpday already?! Great to know but I can't believe how fast the week is going by! If the week could talk it would probably tell me "BOOM!"

And that's exactly what the wizards over at W+K keep rolling out for Nike, more BOOM! What started out as a funny series of spots is turning into a mega viral sensation and I would love to see how it is spreading in the amateur sport leagues and from crazed sports fanatics couches.

The 60 seconds is made up of the various segments from the campaign's shorter clips and includes some new appearances from celebrity endorsements. Roll up in a fly ride while tossing the keys to the valet... BOOM! Gotta love how BOOM! resonates everywhere!

I think its very catchy and will pick up usage in the next few weeks! Especially if W+K complements their videos with some experiential marketing tactics, find a way to BOOM! friends on Facebook, who knows...

I'd like to hear your thoughts... meanwhile I'll be maniacally zipping around the chaotic and traffic-plagued streets of México crying out BOOM!

'til next time!'

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