Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lay your finger off my Butterfinger Snackerz!

What better way to start a Tuesday then a commercial involving a great new product from the Butterfinger crew! Presenting... *drumroll* Butterfinger Snackerz! a bite-sized snack that will surely tickle any Butterfinger fanatics fancy - like myself!

I can't say I enjoy any other type of chocolate bar snack, nor that I even enjoyed the original size of the Butterfinger bar. However, this new product takes all the taste and compacts it into a perfect buttery-centered treat! This must taste like HEAVEN.. Check out the goodness below!

That's right... Pop! and a Zap! for those who try to get their hands on her deliciousness. Now if I could only have theWIM send me a bag of those goodies to México! While I negotiate, please make sure to leave your comments below!

'til next time!'

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