Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Kingmaker App

Hello Again! I apologize for the brief hiatus! I'll make it up to you guys this week with some interesting ads from around the world. Today, I'll start you off with a promo from the makers of Fable 3 that is sure to drive any gamer stir-crazy.

The release of their new game does not come out for a while but in an effort to raise pre-launch awareness and interaction, this video touts the Kingmaker 3 mobile app, that allows you to geotag different areas of the city with a flag that collects virtual money for the game.

I think its a brilliant idea and a very futuristic step towards online gaming bridging into real world collaborations. Without further adieu I present the video. Check it out!

I'm not that big of a gaming fan now but I believe this is something that would have gotten my time and dime back in the day. Let us know your thoughts!

'til next time!'

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