Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you wouldn't take it on the ground, don't take it in the air

Good morning!!  My apologies for not posting yesterday but I'm happy to see APL contributing a funny spot from one of my favorite airlines, JetBlue.  On that note, this morning's post is going to be a continuation of that very post. 

 JetBlue have taken quite a clever approach to marketing themselves through random guerrilla marketing stunts through New York.  Yesterday's video showed a cab driver not giving anyone in the backseat leg room...obviously illustrating the fact that you get much more leg room on JetBlue than you do on other airlines.  Well...this video does something similar.  As you are probably aware of the outrageous costs these airlines are enforcing on us travelers, JetBlue took it upon themselves to recreate a similar situation travelers are often faced with.  

The situation you ask? No, not "The Situation" from Jersey Shore...but have you ever ordered a beverage on a flight?  Yes, I'm sure.  Well, in most cases you don't ever get the entire can, you only get a cup and then whatever is leftover gets used on the next person who asks for the same drink.  To make matters worse, if you want another one, they will probably charge you for it.  

Anyhow, JetBlue hit up the streets of New York and set up a concession stand that only served their drinks from a cup, obviously trying to tie back the experience to competing airlines.  Unfortunately, those who weren't in on the stunt probably weren't aware of it, and understandably got annoyed haha.  I found this piece incredibly clever, and this type of marketing should be encouraged among companies.  

I used to intern at this experiential marketing agency called RedPeg and their main idea was to create these types of experiences that allowed consumers to interact with your brand in some form.  Anyways, well done JetBlue.  The one thing I would love to have seen, so if you happen to be a JetBlue employee and reading this, I would have loved to have seen the reactions these people had once they found out about the stunt (assuming you did tell them it was a stunt of course haha).  Anyhow, that's enough about me, and it's time to share it with you.  Would love to hear your thoughts as always! Enjoy!

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