Friday, October 22, 2010

Follow Friday: Top 5!

Follow Friday: The WIM's Top 5

So I wanted to create something different, and showcase some of those people I follow on Twitter.  Typically on Twitter, Friday is used to suggest people to follow.  So, rather than doing it the traditional way, I wanted to create something different.  With that said, each week I hope to create something similar, it might not be a top 5, but I hope to have something.  Please use the comments section to suggest any others to follow.  In the meantime, check out this weeks Top 5!

I first started following Stephen when Jason Sadler (below) created a project called 1MillionShirts.  His tweets are always pretty entertaining, and as his bio says, he's a nonprofit media consultant, lover of people, and apparently likes rice.  With that said, you should follow @WStephenAnfield!

If you aren't following @iwearyourshirt yet, you are missing out!  Jason Sadler and Evan White have taken it upon themselves to transform t-shirt wearing to the next level! Originally founded by Jason, iwearyourshirt has been hugely successful, and by following him on Twitter, you have a chance of winning all kinds of different prizes for whatever company he is talking about on that specific day.

@3BLMedia provides a series of useful tweets regarding corporate social responsibility, green technology, and cause marketing.  I found out about them when I was working together with my brother on Development Crossing.  Follow!

Ahh yes, @JoshuaFrankel is actually a good friend of mine, Thursday nights we play kickball, and the rest of the time I hear his very entertaining stories.  Lucky for you though, he is a pixel-pushing graphic design geek, and if you get to know him, he will provide you with some of the most entertaining content crawling the web. Most of the time he tweets some pretty cool info, so I highly recommend you follow him.

Last but not least, I wanted to send out a shout out to my friend @WileyWears.  She tweets about fashion, and has her own blog dedicated to all the different things she wears each day.  I've known her since my college days in Boston, so if fashion is your thing I would recommend following her!

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