Friday, October 15, 2010

Conan O'Brien Drives an Explosives-Packed Car Off A Cliff!

Good morning!! FRIDAY.  Love it.  Anything fun planned for the weekend?  Before I jump into this morning's post, I just wanted to let everyone know that we won our basketball game last night!  I play in this league, and we are called "Bye Week" and as of now we stand at 2 wins and 2 losses.  So good win for us.  Anyhow, I've been anxiously waiting for Conan to come back to TV after he was snubbed by Leno.  Not just because he awkwardly looks like the Finnish President but he's just so damn funny.  Looking forward to his new show starting up November 8th!  

Back to the video itself...I'm sure you have noticed by now, but there has been an abundance of Conan promos...he even has a huge CONAN BLIMP!  The video below is one of his newest promos and it features him flying off a cliff in a car that's packed with explosives.  How does he do? Well you're going to have to watch the video yourself.  With that said, I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks posts, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

~Until Next Time~



  1. HAWT! Coco is a sexy (and hilarious) beast! Can't wait for the new show!

  2. Thanks for the comment Elizabeth. I'm really looking forward to the new show! It has been tooooo long!