Monday, October 4, 2010

BMW vs. Audi vs. Subaru vs. Bentley

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a great a weekend.  I had the opportunity to catch up on some sleep, and relax a little bit so I really can't complain.  Unfortunately, kickball playoffs went sour and we lost in the finals again...haha...oh well.  Next up in terms of league competition is the basketball league I'm apart of.  Let's hope that my team does well in that!  Anyhow, I hope to bring you some good stuff this week, and I'll begin by presenting you a string of advertisements sent to me by my brother over at Development Crossing.

Back in January I posted about a similar advertisement regarding BMW and Audi and the following ads just add fuel to the fire...but I have to say my favorite has to be the one with Bentley.  Anyhow, I hope you guys have a great start to the week and be sure to send me any funny ads you guys come across!

~Until Next Time~


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