Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Beauty of the Juke

GoodHumpDay to you all! The right kind of hump, ahem.. you know, the kind that lets you know its midweek, Thursday is a day away and Friday is begging for plans! And to start off this Wednesday I present to you this ad that should get your adrenaline going!

I'm not praising the car here, because ultimately I don't know if its a nice ride or just a pimped out marketing shenanigan but the fact resides in the coolness of the ad. Great visuals, humorous details and most importantly it gets straight to the point.

I'm sure this ad will work wonders for its targeted demographic, 24-34 year olds. It seems like a great car with reliable features and performance. Check it our below!

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

'til next time!'


  1. I like the red shoes. I like the "professional driver-closed course." I like the way all the ladies give the guy the appreciative once-over. I like the snarky "What is your emergency?" I like "Bang." I would buy this car.


  2. I think the appreciative once-over is the deal closer, gotta love the ad! Very funny! I hope it does the sales of this car well... We'll keep a lookout for the market performance of this car in the future.