Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amazon a wild hope to avoid the iPad's glare

Welcome to humpday, a great day for us all and an even better day for Steve Jobs. Why? Certainly because the man recently announced his killer earning for this past quarter and leaves the stage sizzling for further market upheavel. However, the great folks over at Amazon intend to go down fighting and came up with a clever way to stick it to the giant.

The commercial involves two digital readers, laying out in the sun taking in the rays. One of those readers is having a hard time controlling the screen's glare while the other breezes through the paragraphs. Unfortunately for Jobs, the reader facing the glare jam is twirling his iPad like a baton.

When I first considered the iPad as a digital reader, the thought came to my head. What happens if...? A thought Amazon wasted no time in playing down in this commercial, which should surely wreck some havoc for iPad potentials. Check out the scenario below!

Fortunately, the great wizards over at Apple definitely know how to bury superficial flaws in new product launches and improvements, which is exactly what is going down this week. I don't have the full details yet, but will stay on top of the story to find out some juicy details.

In the meantime, also check out this super old school video for Job's first keynote, circa 1984!

'til next time!'

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