Wednesday, September 1, 2010

World's Largest WaterBalloon Fight

Hopefully the title caught your attention as you are about to witness the largest balloon fight. As well as listen to a bright cheery happy-go-lucky song by Kyle Andrews. I must admit it is very catchy indeed and afterall it is Wednesday why not climb the mid-week hump with a catchy tune...

Well, for all you advertising bloodhounds out there, I'll add some depth to the song. The video was created by McCann New York for Holiday Inn. The idea was to form a record label, StayU Music, "to produce, promote and share revenue from" the original Andrew's track that broke this spring.

In order to make the video, McCann collaborated with students of Brigham Young University's BYU AdLab, who conceptualized the record-breaking balloon fight. Check out the video below

Now, I personally enjoyed the commercial even though I have yet to understand what McCann is thinking about doing with the whole music business venture, however, I'd like to hear some thoughts about the video and if you find it associates with Holiday Inn.

'til next time!'

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