Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Scuba Cat

Good morning!!  I spent a good portion of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday and then finding out around 2 that it was actually Tuesday.  Understandably I was quite disappointed haha.  Looking forward to today though.  A good friend from Austria is in town visiting, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with him and his lady friend sometime after work.

So it seems like cats are going to be the theme for this week. This particular spot was sent to me by The WIM's most avid commenter "Uncle Cliffy" and it features the famous Scuba Cat.  The spot is looking to promote the website by custom fitting a scuba outfit for a cat.  First off this is pretty damn impressive because the last time I checked cats didn't like water, and this cat right here is fully submerged with the help of another scuba diver.  Anyways, I thought everyone would get a kick out of this, and hopefully get your Wednesday off to a good start!

~Until Next Time~



  1. I wonder if the cat knows how to equalize?

  2. Haha thanks for the share Cliff! Appreciate the comments as always. Keep em coming!