Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You can shine

Good morning!!  So today I'm bringing you a spot that was created in 2008 by Grey.  First off, you have got to love commercials that have absolutely nothing to do with the product itself but for some reason or another keeps your attention throughout.  This commercial was created for Pantene, a hair product, and from looking at the spot you can easily spot the hidden Pantene suggestions.  For example, the solo at the end of the clip, the girls hair remains shiny, strong, and intact throughout her performance...surely because of Pantene, right?  Anyways, the spot was beautifully orchestrated and almost sends shivers down your spine with the touching story it tells.  

Now it's your turn...check it out and let me know what you thought!

Now, on the topic of emotional stories, I came across this other video in the midst of this post on an armless pianist named Liu Wei on the show 'China's Got Talent'.  I thought the video was pretty moving as well, and truly says that anything is possible.

You can check it out here:

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  1. Oh ... dear ....

    I expect better from you, WIM! What sentimental, mawkish claptrap. Ugh! I'm surprised how easily you were suckered in. *sigh* You're smarter than this! The only thing that keeps my attention is that the girl is holding her violin all wrong and fake-playing with all the cliche'd passion she can muster and pass off as dedication, enthusiasm, and grit. And they do better at "drama" on "Glee" (a show I detest).

    As for Pantene, they should know better as well! Do they expect that this will sell shampoo?


    Uncle C

  2. i'm agree with cliffy.. the pantene ad disgusts me. "I know!! Let's throw in as many tearjerkers as we can, and at the same time, lets put it in the scene like your typical american high school teenie bopper fucking chick flick and blah blah fucking blah blah." oh yah.. and for the inspiring music she plays at the end... pacabel's fucking canon in fucking D? fuck off already.. what? they figured that since the whole thing was some sentimental bullshit why not just use one more?

    come fucking on, to exploit the once inspiring idea of a deaf girl learning violin.. and then to SHIT all over that with some marketing crap. for fucks sake WIM.. I thought you were supposed to try and show me the "remarkable, creative and groundbreaking from the marketing and advertising industry" and you've come up with this shameless piece of shit. disgusting.

    you have one guess to find who wrote this.. it should be pretty fucking obvious.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you Cliff! Looks like you had some serious issues with this spot for Pantene. I'm sure the people at Grey as well as Pantene would have loved to have heard this information before it got aired. I would love to know the success this actually had. Thanks again for the comment.

  4. Oh the infamous a-nony-mouse or as I like to call him Wigger Twoods. As always, I do appreciate the comment. This comment actually reminds me of the time I showed you that song by Nas, with that one classic song in the background. Whatever it was, I know you never let me hear the end of it. Despite the negative backlash this spot received, I'm happy to have posted it since it caused this much hatred! I hope the creative gurus over at Grey check out your point of view and realize where they went wrong.